Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sir Edmund Hillary

Day 1

         The route to Mt Everest was closed. Tibet and Nepal were only allowed one expedition per year. We
       were very thrilled to go to Mt Everest. Shipton was named the leader but he was replaced by Hunt. I ( Sir 
       Edmund Hillary) had in mind to climb with Lowe but Hunt named two teams for the charge. I went with  
      Tom Bourdillon, Charles Evans and Tenzing Norgay. I therefore made a coordinated effort to forge working 
       friendship with Norgay.   


  1. im not goin 2 school 2morroew i have 2 hav an opereation on ma 4head!
    P.S hav u heard jar of hearts?
    I <3 it it's soo nice! but it makes me sadd!